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Here at TotallyJustMe, we are a small team of creative talented individuals always looking to grow our selves and the company. If you google us, we have been around for a while, but as many different things. The Director Jordan Tetley, creative the concept of ‘TotallyJustMe’ when she was 12. It has grown from being about embracing yourself to helping other embrace themselves and their business through creativity.

Be yourself everyone else is already taken” Oscar Wilde

We believe every company & individual should be unique. We all have something to offer the world and those around us. Here at TotallyJustMe, we work with you and we strive to show the world the image you want to project.

Below are the three categories that we split all of our work into. Please check out the website and feel free to ask us anything!

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We are always looking to grow our team, in every sector. Be it Part-time, by contract or freelance. We also love the idea of educating young people and will happily take work experience, if possible. We also pride ourselves in having an actors page of trusted people we have worked with on projects and are always looking for new people to join us. If you are a trained actor, or just something who wants to get involved. With the range of project we take on there is something for everyone. Feel free to contact us about any involvement you wish you have.

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