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Frequently Asked Question?

What Is Videography?
The process or art of making video films. – (Google)

Videography is simply the production of videos from conception to the final product, generally in a small scale ranging from a team of a few individuals to a single person who does everything from shooting the video to setting and editing. The medium has always been the digital camera or camcorder, with the resulting captured video being stored in a digital storage mediums. – (Techopedia)

How Does The Process Work?

All projects start with a simple discussing of  details normally in the form of 1-2-1 conversation. From this we establish the specific requirements, and put together a proposal for the project, at this point the proposal can be held back. A normal filming process is broken down into three stages, pre-production, production and post-production. If pre-production is needed  for a project then the proposal will be put together with in this process. Pre-production normally consist of meeting to finalise or write a script.

During this meeting(s), we ask that you sign our “privacy protection and creative rights form”. Due to New GDPR laws in Europe, we must do this before any work can be undertaken. This document is normally accompanied by our filming rights form, and if filming anyone under the age of 18 then the children protection form.

If pre-production meetings are not needed, the proposal and privacy protection and creative rights form, will be sent to the client, before any work commences. At this point we also request and initial installment, on payment of the initial installment, dates and preparations will be made for filming.

At that point we don’t vanish, but instead keep full contact with you until the job is complete. You “the client”, are crucial to the projects success. We work with you to understand your vision and try to bring it to life on the screen. Different productions require a variant amount of pre-production work,  however you can rest assured that once the first installment is in, your filming date is booked and will not change on our side.

The production will be discussed in detail with the client before the date of filming, the length of time it will take and if anything extras are needed then equipment on the day.

After the filming has taken place, you will receive our verdict on the footage within 3 working days. In post-production, we will create the amount of videos that have been specified in your proposal, in the format, length and style that has been agreed upon.

All videos are forwarded onto the client for feedback, throughout the process, these videos are protected with a watermark. We listen carefully to your requests and try to offer solutions to give you what your looking for. Re-edits during the process do not cost anymore, we make sure you are happy with the job we have done, before we take a final payment. The project will go on for the length of time stated in the proposal, we will make edits and alterations for this length of time.

The final payment, signifys the completion of a project, at this point all finished files without watermarks will be sent to the client, and uploaded to any social media sites requested.

How Will I Receive The Finished Work?
Once the final payment is received, we will supply all electronic files. These can be requested through email or google drive, or upload to YouTube upon request. A USB sent by post can also be requested if the files are small enough, however an extra charge will apply for this, unless stated in your proposal.

These files will include:

  • All your finish video(s), in requested formats. [1]
  • The proposal.
  • A copy of your signed “privacy protection and creative rights form”
  • A prof of paid invoice.

[1] (formats for different projects can fluctuate depending on where the video will be used / implemented, the files you will receive will be listed in your proposal)

Who's Property Is The Work After The Project Is Complete?

Your and Ours!

Copyright for all work completed by TotallyJustMe transfers to the client as soon as a project completion has been paid for in full. Project files, such as premier files and RAW Footage on the other hand remain our right to keep. A client can only receive a copy of these files, if it is pre-agreed in the proposal. Or you can request them afterwards but a charge may apply.

We do, reserve the right to use any work for promotional purposes, unless specifically discussed and reviewed in the privacy protection in creative rights form. Footage involving children have other restriction, that will be listed if need in this form.

All projects are stored indefinitely offline. You do have the right to request that we remove any personal data from our servers, however we have the right to reject destruction of anything we have film or created.

We also store projects on this website in “The Vault”, through Youtube, for the world to see. This is where we give free advertisement and links to your business, through presentation of the work we have done for you.

Can I Edit Finished Files on My Computer?

Although we advise you do not, any files sent to you at the end of a project are all yours to do with as you wish. If your wish is to edit or update them in anyway, that is your right.

We do however take no responsibility for the outcome of your edited work. Unless you have specific software, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to professionally edit files we send you.

If you request editing files or RAW footage files that are not already stated in your proposal, we have the right to charge you for these files.

What Are Your Prices?
Here is the “Videography” Prices:

HERE (We are re-doing our prices, please contact us for details.)

Our prices change over time, so please pay attention to the date on the price sheetAll Videography work is different so don’t be afraid of the prices and how they many add up.

Although theses prices should give you an idea of what we charge, However all projects are different and require different requirements,  you might not think you need lighting but  without it your videos could look very dark doll and unappealing.  you might want to use your best friend as an actor but realise she’s a little camera shy and doesn’t give your company the correct image you’re looking for.  the best thing to do when it comes to the prices is getting contact and discuss it with us. We will never charge you more than is needed, and at any one time there is at least two deals going on to make our videography work cheaper. We constantly have packages and deals to help you save money!

Just check out all Prices, Deals, Packages & Discounts at “The Bank”.

How Is Payment Structured & Made?
Payment is made in instalments, the amount of them depends on the project undertaken and it’s value.

The first installment is always paid after the proposal is agreed upon, once paid the project will commence. This instalment will include the pre-booking film day cost (that will be charged again if the filming day shifts), and normally comprises of half of the filming cost, the travel costs, and any extra expenses such as actors fees or props.

The second installment will come after the filming is completed, this installment encompasses the second half of the film in cost and half of the editing cost.

The third installment is normally the final instalment, which encompasses the final half of the editing cost for the project.

The money is normally requested through electronic transfer, however on occasion there is options to pay in cash or by PayPal. All project payments are discussed prior to the first instalment, making sure both parties are in agreement. The final payment on any project will be requested upon an invoice. 

Are There Any Hidden Costs?

We pride ourselves on being upfront. All costs are presented clearly in our proposal, and once agreed apon will not change.

If the project grows arms and legs, either side has the right to request a review of the proposal. However, this process will stop any work until the new proposal is agreed upon, if this moves your pre-booked filming day, a charge for a new filming day will be requested. A review of the proposal can only take place;

If the “object” of discussion is not already specified in the proposal, for example:

  • The project film date(s) changes.
  • The editing process goes on longer than the proposal indicates.
  • You ‘the client’ wants something extra filmed.

All of our terms and conditions are listed in the proposal and the privacy protection and creative rights form.

Do You Charge For Advice?

We do not charge for our initial consultation nor to we expect payment for questions or queries.

As a company we want to help and educate. So if you are confused at any stage of any project, or would just like some advice around one of the three specialisms we do here at TotallyJustMe, please just ask!

Can I Cancel My Project?
We have two processes of cancellation for a project, however these cancellations only apply after the proposal and signed privacy protection and creative rights form is completed, before this point you have a right to walk away from the project, without any penalties.


All projects will have a timeline stated in the proposal, this timeline will be agreed upon by both parties and kept to the best of both parties abilities. When is coming to Videography Proposals, there can sometimes be to timelines. If something were to jeopardize the timelines of the project, it can be requested to be frozen.

Projects can only be frozen for serious reasons, and at any one time can only be frozen for up to two months. If you request that the project is frozen, all work will stop for a discussed on amount of time. The project will continue as normal after this amount of time has elapsed. Filming days have a pre-booking cost, this is non-refundable and will be lost if the project is frozen.

As a personable company we understand that life can be unpredictable, if you wish to request that your project is frozen please contact us to discuss your need to freeze the project. Once we understand your situation, we will try and help in any way we can, however still hold the right to reject the freezing of a project if the request reason is not serious.

There is no charge for freezing a project, however any money already spend toward a filming production is non-refundable, and might need to be spent again in the case of actors and or location costs. A new proposal will be created when the project starts again to indicate the new timelines.


This type of cancellation can happen in two ways.

Firstly, TotallyJustMe holds the right to terminate any project, if mistreatment of staff or our time occurs. This also apply to any actors or secondary people bought in for a production. We are here to help you and your business however will not be disrespected in the process.

Secondly, termination of a project can be requested by the client. Upon termination of a project a client cannot request any money back, and most projects will still request full payment on termination. The terms and conditions for terminating a project can fluctuate slightly from project to project. We advise you read the cancellation terms and conditions in the privacy protection and creatives form.

For all projects, anything filmed or created will belong solely to TotallyJustMe upon termination.

I Need Something Filmed Today, Can You Help Me?

Sometimes clients require our services at very short notice, don’t worry you won’t be the first. We have a structure setup for if this happens, and we do try to accommodate rush projects. However Videography has a complicated structure and completion of rush jobs massive depending on the requirments needed and how full are production schedule is. Last minute filming needed at events and edits to a already film piece of work can normal be organised. These projects will be subject to additional charges. However do please contact us, with any of your queries.

What Other Companies Do You Work With?

All of the companies that we have worked/do work with are listed in our “Network Partners” page. Our connections mean that we can provide an outstanding service, and offer projects with multiple elements. Feel free to check out our network partners.

If you would like to be one of our partners, please get in contact. You don’t have to be in the creative industries to be a partner, we have worked closely with many other companies, even charities.

Where Do You Operate? Can You Work Globally?
TotallyJustMe is based in the United Kingdoms, North London, Enfield.

However we pride ourselves on being internationally accessible, we will work with you no matter where you are in the world. We would be more than happy, excited even to work with you!

When it comes to videography, we can film anywhere in the world however warn that it is not cheap. We also do not have prices for this type of work as we class it as a specialist project. However, there is other options if you live outside of the UK and want videos created.

We are always expanding our network partners, looking for videographers in different countries to partner up with. We also offer just editing base services, where you can send us your footage and we will edit it together for you. Either way we advise that you get in contact with us, let us know what you are looking at doing or needing done. From there we can work out a plan going forward.

All of the questions you will find on this website apply to you in the same way, of course a couple of our services might cost more or be impossible. All of these changes will be discussed before a proposal is created.

The prices we present on our website are in British Sterling (£), however for any international projects, the current conversion rate at the creation of the proposal, will be held throughout the project. Under no circumstances, changes or reviews will this conversion rate change. We do not add any extra fees for non UK residence, however the means of payment from a different currency is normally done through PayPal, where there is a transaction charge that PayPal adds on top of any payment. Due to this transaction charge, the structure of instalments can slightly change depending on the project length and value. This will be a topic for discussion before a proposal is formed.

If you are outside the United Kingdom, we will keep in contact with you through Email, Facebook, Whatsapp or Skype. Whatever suits the job/needs of the client. We are also not against travelling depending on where you are in the world to complete specific jobs, however this will add to the cost of the project.

What happens if I need actors/extras for my shoot?

We have a data base of actors that we trust and work with on a daily basis. We are also always expanding our network of actors/extras to make sure you can find someone reliable to work with. If you need an actor, take a look at ‘Our Actors and if you can not find someone on our website, we will work with anyone, or help you find someone that works with your vision. 

Our Actors are reliable, profession and trusted. We can promise that if one of them is involved with in your project, they will put there heart and soul in it. It they can not make a filming day, we know that is it for a serious reason and we will pay any costs that they occur. 

If a 3rd party actor is involved, it is the clients (your) responsibility to pay any costs that might occur if the actor fails to make the pre-arranged filming date.

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