Startups, Sole Traders, Small or even Big Businesses need to attract customers. Here at TotallyJustMe video adverts can be created to be used on TV or online, through social media platforms like Facebook. Here are the companies we are helped attract more customers through video adverts.

BCA Fitness, Personal Fitness Trainer. Their mission is to empower the people of Enfield to live a healthier, happier and more loving lifestyle. Their want to educate the community through coaching programmes on how to move, eat and live a more active lifestyle.

(Project September/Feburary 2017/2018)

Westminster University

The University of Westminster in London wanted an advert made to get students involved in The Game Jam 2019. This advert captures the student entries for The Game Jam 2018 and what the lecturers thought of it all.

The University of Westminster, London, UK

(Project March 2018)

AmbroWilks a professional building company providing services for all types of building works. With over 30 yrs of experience, between these two there is nothing they can’t do.


(Project Feburary 2018)

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